My name is Anna – I live in Vancouver, BC. I own a yarn shop Baaad Anna’s and I have two little boys who seldom stop moving or talking. I like to make stuff with my hands, I like to inspire other women to do what they love and I love to be surrounded by my community.  I have a fantastic husband who makes it possible for me to do (or at least try) every crazy idea that comes into my head. This is my newest idea…..


My boys and I love to adventure in the forest, beach, parks and more….that’s when I started designing and making clothing and accessories that would go along with the types of adventures we do.


Practical yet Playful clothing for kids who like to explore!


So this is my next adventure!  I will be showcasing my designs that you can purchase over here.   I also plan to write a little about the adventures we go on, in the hope that you will also feel inspired to “take chances, make mistakes, get messy”